Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Capehart is guilty of Grenell's Sin

People need to stop living in fantasyland and face the hardcore facts: Obama is against gay marriage. That is, up to the publication of this post, the official position of Barack Obama as clearly stated by his then running mate Joe Biden:

The Obama administration has already stated that his views have not changed, but rather "evolving." Note how they are picky in using the correct language. If the President were "changing" his views, that would be a more hopeful stance, but "evolving" means something else that is not change. And since Obama's campaign was all about "change" he nevertheless chose to use "evolving" rather than "changing."

Also, the Obama administration has in the past compared gay marriage to incest and pedophilia, Obama is still enforcing DOMA, and of course, who can forget the recent flop a week ago when Obama has refused to sign an ENDA executive order to stop government contractors from discriminating, which was a promise he made to gay democrats in 2008. However since it is Obama, he is something special. He is able to discriminate against gays and get away with it. Under Obama logic gays don't need executive protections, only blacks, the faithful, and the handicapped do. This is simple science to understand, and it is not that complicated to comprehend that gays have been duped by Obama.

One of those who lead the charge to further blind and quash the gay community's will, power and independence is Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart. He has become the rallying propaganda master for the White House against the gay community. He writes a screed that I think revealed more about him than it did on his intended target: Richard Grenell. Ironically titled "Richard Grenell Chose Power Over Principal on Marriage Equality," Capehart attacks Grenell, the newest gay employee for the Romney campaign, for allegedly, as the title suggests, that he has chosen to support Romney over supporting gay marriage:
"Grenell didn’t stand up to power. He opted for power itself for himself instead. Now we know why he is so eager to “out hypocrites.” He knows of what he speaks."
Pot meet kettle. If Capehart was at all serious about gay marriage, the man would have denounced Obama for the perpetual lie that he is a "fierce advocate," condemn the White House for their lack of support and refuse to endorse, protect or support Obama until he supports our cause. But he refuses to do so simply for political reasons and to overall help the president not us, and most importantly he should have refused to enter the White House as an invited guest. The reason why Capehart was invited and not you or I, is because Capehart is a good ole' boy who is told what to do and does what he is told. To the White House he is their gay speaker who is on the outside that can peddle the plans of the inside. It is a very good arrangement, I agree. This works quite well that Capehart has become somewhat predictable in his support of Obama and his anti-gay policies.

This pointless, rather childish article was a bit too personal for Capehart. He was caught red-handed by a gay Republican bot in his complete and naked hypocrisy. Yes, it is worth noting that Romney is supported by NOM, and that Romney supports amending the constitution to ban gay marriage. Obama is one step behind Romney in this issue, but as I pointed above, not even close to where the gay community stands.

In part both men have no right attack the other for they each support power over gay marriage. Capehart is a heartless lemon who supports Obama no matter what, and the same thing with Grenell, he supports Romney no matter what. It is called partisan shilling. It is bold, yet soulless.

What gives them authority to speak on this issue is beyond me. And to claim that either of these is better than the other for the candidate that they support is merely participating in a fraternity pissing contest.

If Capehart is whining that he didn't get his pissing trophy, then let him have it for goodness sake. Soon Obama, as expected, will ring the bell of liberty for gay marriage AFTER the election, because supporting gay marriage right now is too risky - that is the excuse we are being told by DNC White House operatives like Capehart. That might be true, in effect it gives credence to the idea that Obama is purely political and without principal, basically relegated to a man who seeks power over the needs of a vulnerable community like ours.

Caphart's tantrum is quite sad to be honest as he has no clue what he is talking about since he's mesmerized by the thought that he is attending one of the most famous dinners with one of the most famous Presidents in one of the most famous places. That alone can cause havoc to some people's logical mind and ooze gaga for the world's most powerful man in the free world. He is blinded by the honor that was bestowed on him. He is in a trance.

Meanwhile the rest of us who live in reality have a lot of work to do to get gay marriage legalized throughout our Republic. We don't need White House galas or political pandering to the real D.C. prostitutes. Capehart is angry that a gay GOP bot made a good valid point. Of course I don't support Grennell or even Romney, both men have shown nothing but contempt for our Republic and its well-being. But that doesn't mean that Obama and his political pimp are free from gay public scrutiny. Maybe that is why Capehart was angry enough to write an article about it. Like most political hacks he wants his actions to be vindicated, approved and free from criticism, something only reserved to the once rulers and nobles of the old world.

Cesar's guard has come out to punish those who dare question his authority. Now that's power.

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