Wednesday, October 31, 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Man Fired From Bank For Being Gay

A gay man who worked at First National Bank of Granbury, Texas was passed over for promotion and eventually fired on the spot after confronting management over concerns of hostile working environment which included the usage of anti-gay slurs.

Marty Edwards, who has worked for the bank for eleven years, claims that he has made several attempts to contact Human Resources over the fact he has been passed over for promotion even denied a chance to apply.

"I had finally decided to go to a counselor after numerous attempts to talk to human resources about my concerns which included not just being passed over for promotions but flat out not even being given a choice to apply or interview because the jobs were never announced or posted," Edwards tells The Gay Report.

But when Edwards finally confronted management about his concerns things got really ugly.

"I went to ... the Executive Vice President to discuss why I was not considered when I knew virtually every aspect of the bank. They said it was not my work because I did a great job. I was told that one guy whom has three kids, a wife and white picket fence home was 'a better fit for the image we are looking for.'"

Edwards responded that these statements solidified his beliefs of anti-gay bias and the hostile work environment was due to his sexual orientation. After hearing these accusations the Executive Vice President "blew up" according to Edwards.

"He then blew up and was cussing and throwing things on his desk. He wanted me to resign or quit if I felt 'these gay things' and he 'didn't care if I was seeing Billy Graham as my counselor.'"

Edwards has been seeing a licensed counselor over his issues with the on the job discrimination. Morever, to add insult to injury, the bank's HR, according to Edwards, humiliated him over the fact he was seeing a counselor telling him he "obviously have some things messed up in your head."

"If these and all forms of hatred and bigotry are not brought to light we will never find a way toward freedom for all; the very right that so many of Americans including many friends of mine whom fight for every day in wars, foreign countries and even at home," says Edwards.

First National Bank has not responded to inquiries by The Gay Report as of the date of this publication.

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